An Evolving Success in Erren River Restoration. 2010.06.06

After years of restoration by many dedicated people – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees and local residents – fiddler crab and mudskipper started to appear in the Erren River, which had been heavily contaminated by heavy metal waste for many years. There was a festival at Hunei Township, Kaohsiung County to celebrate this meaningful step. “It’s going to bring a new view of the Erren River,“ Mayor Yen-Sun Huang said, “recreation and tourism sites will be established along the river.”

The Erren River originates at Neimen Township, Kaohsiung County and flows through seven townships before it enters the Taiwan Strait. “It was very beautiful when I was a child,” a local volunteer said, “however, heavy metals were illegally introduced into the river by industries along the river plate.” When “green oyster Incident” exploded In 1984, the government finally realized and faced the situation.

By reintroducing the wetland soil, the pollution index in Hunei and Jiading Townships improved and the mangrove habitate started to restore. More tourists are visiting now, biking along the riverbed and enjoying the wetland animals.

Hosted by the Hunei Township, the Festival for the Environment was located at the southern bank of Erren River. The Mayor Huang led the bike tour and introduced the river trekking. “ Combined with the famous tour site Hsingda Harbor nearby and local culture heritage,” Huang said, “ Erren River has the great potential to become another popular spot in the future.”

Extracted from United Daily News, dated Jun 06, 2010